What is a KOA Gift Card?

A KOA Gift Cards works like other gift card programs you may use and acts like prepaid cash. A KOA Gift Card is specific to KOA and can be used according to the terms and conditions. It is not a pre-paid credit card. Each KOA Gift Card has a unique number that tracks the balance on the gift card.

Where can I buy a KOA Gift Card?

You can buy a KOA Gift Card on-line at KOA.com or at any participating KOA. If you buy them on-line, you can email an electronic gift card to anybody. If you buy them at a KOA, you’ll get a KOA Gift Card in the same size and shape as a credit card along with an attractive envelope that you can use to give the gift of camping to somebody (or keep it yourself!).

Is there is a minimum and maximum amount on a KOA Gift Card when purchased?

The minimum amount on a KOA Gift Card is $20 and the maximum is $1,000.

There are KOAs in Canada so what currency is used in Canada?

The KOA Gift Card is sold in the currency of the KOA. If you buy a KOA Gift Card at a Canadian KOA, the gift card is sold and used in Canadian dollars. A KOA Gift Card is always kept in the currency it was purchased in, US or Canadian, and tracked accordingly. If you use a Canadian KOA Gift Card in the U.S., a currency conversion takes place at that day’s conversion rate. However, unlike credit cards, there is no penalty or fee associated with currency conversion when using a KOA Gift Card!

Where can I use KOA Gift Cards?

At any participating KOA. All participating KOAs accept KOA Gift Cards for fees associated with sites. Most accept KOA Gift Cards for store sales and other fees.   There are some KOAs that use a different point of sale program than KOA’s point of sale program and they may not be able to take a KOA Gift Card for store sales and other fees.

What if I need to check the balance on my KOA Gift Card?

If you received a KOA Gift Card electronically, you received a link to your own KOA Gift Card. That link will always show you the balance on your KOA Gift Card as well as allow you to print a card. Any KOA can look up your current balance of a KOA Gift Card, either the electronic version of the card version that has the same shape and size of a credit card.

Do KOA Gift Cards expire?


Can a KOA Gift Card be recharged?

No, not at this time (6/13/14)